I began my path in media as a teen in live TV which proved a great learning curve.  There are no second takes after a missed penalty or bad performance, so getting it right the first time became a mantra.

Whilst completing my film degree I worked at a production company, in house, and I was given the freedom to learn editing, production and assistant directing.

Through contacts at that company I was introduced to many wonderful 1st AD's, who I owe my entire career to and continue to learn from on a regular basis.  I have worked on hundreds of commercials for many large brands: Adidas, Mc Donalds, Jaguar, M&S, Sainsburys etc.

I have been lucky enough to have filmed across the UK as well as Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Barbados - the latter being a once in a life time job that was enjoyed immensly.

My Spanish is very good.  My grandmother would have something to say about that but you should have heard her English.